Ankit Ranjan

Neuroscience and Machine Learning

A picture of me.

I'm an undergraduate in my last year at the University of Oxford studying Neuroscience. I am also a visiting student working with the Camera Culture group at MIT Media Lab, and an undergraduate researcher at the Oxford Functional Neurosurgery group.

I'm interested in using computational approaches to better understand the brain. Right now, this means working on methods to reconstruct targets inside dense scattering media and modelling the neural circuits in the spine which allow us to walk.

You can generally find me in Oxford, Palo Alto, or Boston. Drop me a line if you're around.

Work Experience

I worked at Retool, Emerson Collective, Coda, and Metanautix as a web developer through high school and college. I'm a licensed EMT, registered in the state of California.

Curriculum Vitae

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